CBD Pills – Total Body Care (30 x 100mg)



Experience the real CBD pill experience with a Full Spectrum CBD extract. 1 capsule to address total body care. 100mg per capsule.

Working with a high-end lab in California, we’ve create a cutting edge Full Spectrum CBD pills that provides the Entourage effect. Our full spectrum CBD pills uses actual cannabis terpenes that are maintained from the initial extraction. No tampering, no “additives”, no bullshit.

Cartridge details:

– Type: Full Spectrum CBD

– Additives: NONE

– Quantity: 30 capsule

– Cannabinoid content: Each capsule contains 100mg of Full Spectrum CBD extract with 30% Cannabidiol content


Our special extraction process explained:

How the extraction process works is the organic high-CBD hemp biomass is turned into a crude oil which is then stripped of all of the unnecessary excess weight.

The extraction process is as follows:

1. Biomass to crude oil – here it is important to note that we NEVER strip the tepenes

2. We then take the crude oil and winterize and decarboxilize it.

3. Then the patented process turns it into an oil soluable liquid.

4. The final step, natural flavor is added to please your taste buds.

Why use CBD pills?


Similar to most of the CBD products we offer on the website, our CBD pills are one of REAL CBDs top sellers. While you can still go for a CBD oil or vape pen our CBD pills are an efficient way to take your daily dosage. Consistently. There’s no guessing how much cannabidiol content is in each capsule because we measure it in for you already!


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